Sir Nicholas Slanning Hys Regiment of Foote, A Sealed Knot Regiment

The Sealed Knot is the oldest and largest re-enactment society in the UK, a registered educational charity, and the single biggest re-enactment society in Europe. Back in 1968 Brigadier Peter Young and a group of friends, following a garden party in cavalier costume to publicise the launch of Peter Young’s book on the Battle of Edgehill, came up with the idea of forming a period army – an idea that soon took off and within two years there were more than one thousand members of this Royalist Army. Now, in our 42nd year, with the early addition of the Parliamentarian army and later the Scots Brigade, our membership has grown to make us the biggest society in the UK, and in Europe; only being out-stripped by one other society worldwide. The aims of the Society are not to glorify war, but to honour those that died in the many battles of the English Civil Wars, and to educate the public, both young and old, about the wars, and also about the lives and times of people in that period. (Taken from The Sealed Knot website)


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